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About the project

This was s a full size HPA all-weather 100 mm x 50 playing surface, the project was commissioned be the owner of the club and was built to provide shade in the hot summers and rain protection.

Our team completed all the ground works, foundations and steel erection of the building which was shipped in containers. The roof is a stretch canvas material which allows natural light through the material and can be tightened if weather conditions relax and stretch the material. Perfect for letting natural light in and perfect for hotter climates.

The arena had full nets from the top of the 10-degree angled fence – up to the underside of the roof, this ensured maximum airflow on all open sides and allowed players to hit freely knowing the ball would stay in play either hitting off the boards or along the nest, its makes for a much faster concentrated game as without nets the game would become very stop-start.

The corners and goals are designed to make the flow of the game quick and safe , there are no edges on the goals making sure both rider and horse are safe in that action packed area , there was much discussion on round or angles corners a debate that still goes on discussion of which can be seen in our " polo arena design study" by Seb Dawnay. "The Dawnay Arena"

The project had a fast all-weather surface that was designed not to react to the hot temperatures and keep true to form in the varying temperatures of the whole year, the surface was shipped from Hugh Daly’s " Softrack Surfaces " made in Kent.

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