Equus Design And Build - Equestrian Construction - Four Quarters Polo

About the project

Built in 2002 by the team, this was actually the last time Hugh was involved in the actual construction of an equestrian facility as part of the construction team (it’s still standing !!)

The team have been involved with the polo club since 2002 and built the now renowned polo arena, canter tracks, warm up tracks and various other projects at the club, the club at the time of construction was owned by Tony Pidegely and the Cadenza Polo team.

Now owned and beautifully maintain by Simon Arber and the Four Quarters Polo Team. The club houses high goal in the summer months, whose demanding requirements suit the fantastic facilities of the club.

The Equus team have constantly maintained and looked after the facility throughout the years and a Major refurbishment is planned for 2017.

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