Top Tips for Building a New Stable Yard

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It’s an exciting time to be finally building your dream equestrian stables. There are also a number of considerations to make when planning a horse yard, take a look at our top tips below.

  1. Planning
    First and foremost you will need to seek specific planning based on your location. At Equus, we can advise if an idea is conceivable, or it may need to be updated before stable planning permission is sought. Things to consider may be Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Green Belt and Conservation areas – all which can limit your chances of successfully obtaining planning permission for your stables. Planning permission must be obtained before any design work can take place.
  2. Consider the Rider/User
    Some equestrian facilities may require specific features dependent on the user’s interests and discipline – do you need gallops, extensive all year turnout or a lunge pen? When considering paddocks, it’s important to consider how much land you have and how many horses you would need to accommodate. Not only can land size affect turnout but also soil type, are your paddocks likely to flood regularly?
  3. Cost
    As with all things, equestrian construction does cost a considerable amount of money. It’s important to distinguish at an early point what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want’ and ensure this is in budget. It is advisable to seek planning permission before building commences, ideally with the company you are hoping to complete construction with, that way fees can be discussed before building actually starts. You also will not waste time with having to submit multiple planning applications. The aim is to only put through planning for what you actually want to build. When we submit planning permission for clients, we always ensure that the planning proposal is also based on budget to make sure clients can afford the proposed planning.
  4. Access, Neighbours, etc.
    Another thing to consider is the access of the facilities. If you have a large horsebox, you will need to plan your new stable yard accordingly to allow ease of access. Ensuring there is a large enough driveway and parking area to accommodate your vehicle will help significantly with the day to day running of your yard. The second thing to consider is your neighbours thoughts and feelings towards the planning application. Are they likely to object to your planning? These are all things to think about before planning is submitted.
  5. Equipment
    The scale of the project will likely determine what maintenance equipment is needed and what size the storage barn would need to be to accommodate it. This could include; arena harrows, tractors, quads and grass mowers. At Equus, part of our service is also offering after care and support, this includes what tractors, paddock maintenance and arena maintenance equipment may be needed. This can be factored in once planning permission is completed.

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