Creating Your Dream Riding Arena

equus arena at beaufort polo club

Creating the perfect horse riding arena is not only important in terms of practicality but also keeping you and your horse safe. There are five steps to creating a menage, we’re going to explain them to you below, along with a couple of our top tips. It is vital to ensure that all five steps are completed correctly in order to create a safe riding arena.

At Equus, we have a tried and tested method. We have completed arenas all over the world, including most recently at the Beaufort Polo Club. Our steps are; drainage, membrane, stone, surface, fencing. Like with all things in life, you do get what you pay for with a riding arena. Local contractors may be able to offer a lower price, but often this will miss out on vital steps and can cause further expense in the future.

The foundation is one of the most important parts. A good base and drainage will mean a wider variety of surface options would be suitable. Our top takeaway tip is: Don’t skimp on the groundworks! It can affect the top surface so much, especially with regards to flooding and riding deep. That being said, good drainage alone isn’t enough and of course the arena surface will have to be maintained to ensure longevity.

When it comes to surface, we are so often asked which we recommend. For high-end usage, such as professional yards and riding schools, we recommend wax surfaces. This is because the wax acts as a lubricant meaning no need to water on a regular basis. The surface is also unlikely to flood or freeze in the winter months, providing the groundworks underneath are in place. If a professional set up is your goal, we highly recommend not always going with the most competitive price. Consider the use, longevity and cost in the long-term when weighing up your options.

If a sand surface has been selected, then a sprinkler or ebb & flow system may be required to prevent the surface riding deep or becoming tracky. They are a considerable investment, however can be a gamechanger if you have a sand surface arena.

Did you know, wax surfaces are not permitted to be installed into outdoor arenas in Germany. This is because they can leach into the environment.

Our final takeaway tip is to evaluate your quotes from contractors fully. Take into consideration differences in the depth of stone, stone type, membrane, fencing and drainage.

If you have appointed the right contractors for the build, then creating your dream riding arena should be a relatively hassle-free process. To find out more about our services, please click here or contact us to discuss a project you have in mind.

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