Equus Work with OTTO Sport the World’s Leading Experts in Ebb & Flow Surface Technology

Here at Equus Design & Build we are pleased to now offer the innovative arena watering, OTTO Sport Ebb & Flow system. Transforming the way that surfaces can be maintained, this forward-thinking system is proving to be very popular all over Europe and we are pleased to be able to facilitate this service, here in the UK.  This is a fantastic solution if your horse riding arena is prone to becoming deep, ‘tracky’ or if it is used often, particularly popular in the summer months too.

By constantly monitoring the conditions of the surface the Ebb & Flow system automatically supplies a specified footing of water through the arrangement of pipes installed below the surface. The system can be adjusted manually to allow for excessive rainfall that may be due, or to increase the level of water being delivered in dryer spells. 

It is perfect for those looking for maximum convenience when it comes to watering their surface, and due to the process happening from ‘below’ you won’t even notice it, meaning that horses can use the arena at all times. This is suitable for both indoor horse riding arenas and outdoor ménages too. The ebb & flow arena system will automatically monitor the surface’s moisture content, however there is also an option for the user to manually adjust too.

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