Church Cottage Renovation

church cottage renovation grade 2 listed

Church Cottage was an exciting complete renovation project undertaken in Oxfordshire to restore a beautifully quaint cottage from the late 16th century. Church Cottage is a Grade II listed building with cob walls and a thatched roof, situated next to a church in the village of Kingston Lisle, near Wantage.

Our team worked to sympathetically modernise this character property to offer a delightful living space for its owners, whist maintaining its heritage. This property offered so much history and charm, it was crucial for the owners and us to reflect this in the renovation. Using locally sourced materials, this derelict and vacant property has been reformed. We opted for natural materials, to fit alongside the property’s original structure.

Working with properties such as Church Cottage is exciting for our team, and always offer a considerable challenge – be it restoration, preserving character, structural issues or just maintaining original features.

Additionally, there are often a few challenges presented when working with a building of such an age. For this cottage, being hundreds of years old, it was not the most structurally stable property! Our team worked tirelessly to support the building whilst work was underway.

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