Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, Equus Design & Build were appointed by the Beaufort Polo Club to plan, design and construct a new all-weather polo arena, offering the club the ability to host matches and train all year round. The new polo arena is 90m x 45m, with specialist fixtures and fittings bespoke to polo, such as the slanted walls and netting around the perimeter.

As well as the new arena, Equus also included a specialist spectator area, which sits flush to the arena and provides prime viewing of the action. The surface for this project was delivered by Equestrian Surfaces. Alongside the specialist surface, the goals must also be within the HPA guidelines, with a smooth entrance on both sides to prevent injury to the horses. The addition of floodlighting further enables the Beaufort Polo Club to play into the evenings, also adding an element of excitement to the game too.

Images by JRidley Art & Photography.